Friday, August 3, 2012

We Have a Blog!! :)

This post is pretty much just to say hello and welcome to our blog...and also because I was tired of looking at the "No Posts" script box...

We really wish that we could all live one big party block and share all of life's adventures together. Unfortunately that's not a possibility, but we're pretty excited to be starting this blog to share our lives with all of our friends and family who are spread out across the country.

We're hoping to be able to update here once a week as part of our Family Home Evenings, but since neither of us has really done this blog thing before...we'll see how that goes. :D  Sometimes we'll have pretty fun and exciting things to share with you guys (like LDS night at the Mariner's and our afternoon in Seattle..coming soon! :) ) and other times we'll probably just be sharing a re-cap of our week.

Anyways, we look forward to sharing our giggles with you guys and hope that if you have a blog that we're unaware of you'll share it with us too!