Sunday, October 14, 2012

Things Not to do When You Start a Blog...

First, this post is a little on the photo heavy side.  Consider yourself warned.

Second, we have two major pointers for any of you who are thinking about starting a blog...  1)  Don't go on vacation right after you start said blog, and 2)  Don't move right after you get back from said vacation...both of these things will greatly hinder your blog updating skills.

So, in August, right after our first post, we went on vacation to Dosewallips State Park in Washington with my dad and my youngest sister (bear in mind that our idea of camping includes bringing a toilet, a shower, a refrigerator and comfy(ish) beds with us.)  The state park is on the delta of the Dosewallips river.  It's really pretty, but there's not much to do there so we probably won't be going back.  Here's a couple several pictures from that trip.
 This is my family's traditional first night camping meal - Italian style chicken and potatoes with garlic bread!  Yummy! :)
 My ham of a husband. :)
 Dad is trying to get a signal on his phone and Sarah is being...well...Sarah...
 Fire time!
 I read on a blog somewhere about using peeps to make s'mores.  So, after Easter I bought a small pack and saved them for this camping trip.  The sugar gets a little crunchy, but I didn't think it was any better than just a regular old marshmallow...
 Brent and I were in charge of s'mores supplies...and we went all out. :)
 A river runs through it.
 Looking out over the delta
 Looking back towards the "mountain" from the "beach"...the beach was really disappointing actually...
 The men on their island.
More shots of the river.

 This is when we proved to Brent that it is possible to boil water in a paper bowl over a fire.  Try it sometime, just make sure you have enough water in your bowl and don't use the water for anything afterwards. :)
 Brent is so GQ in the woods. :D
 The people in the campsite next to us told my dad and Sarah about a short hike that lead to this waterfall.
 Isn't he cute? :)
 I love how green Western Washington is! :)

 My handsome Daddy! :)  
 We went on another hike within the campground, but I couldn't figure out what setting to use on my camera to get good pictures.  This bridge shot is one of the few that actually turned out.
Except for the first day, which was a scorcher, it was pretty overcast most of our trip.

Well, my dears, it is 10:30pm and I have to work tomorrow.  So, we'll do more of an update soon with how the move went and maybe those Seattle pictures we promised last time.  Until then, keep giggliing!