Sunday, January 1, 2017

In Which We Show Gratitude for 2016

Here's our Gratitude/Blessing Jar entries for 2016:

~ Calvin is two!! (June)
~ October Temple Date:  Sealings on our anniversary with our original sealer! ♡
~ I worked at Coach Outlet for the Holidays (November - December)
~ Calvin's speech & signing are really taking off! (mid. April)
~ Dad & Tracy were sealed/married! 3-12-16
~ March temple date (Dad & Tracy's sealing)
~ I worked at the Puyallup Fair (September)
~ We had a Christmas Elf send us money. - Around Christmas, we received an anonymous card in the mail with some money to help us have a merry Christmas while Brent was in school.
~ My dining room chairs went on super-duper clearance at Fred Meyer!!! :D
~ Brent's last day at ACE Parking! 3-11-16
~ January temple date! :D
~ Calvin had fun in nursery at church with nursery leaders Sisters King and Strauss!
~ Play dates with Heather and Logan!
~ Mom & Jonathan moved to Yelm - now they're only an hour away! (April)
~ We're approved for basic food assistance and WIC checks while Brent is in school.
~ We've had Nessie for a year! (December)
~ 5 years of marriage!!! 10-22-16
~ Brent (miraculously) started the Bio Med Tech program at Bates! (March)