Friday, May 2, 2014

Getting Up to Date!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again - I'm not very good at this blogging thing...and I'm willing to bet that my blogging frequency is not going to drastically improve anytime soon.

For those who don't know (which should be nobody since anyone who reads this is probably also on facebook or is family), I'm pregnant!!  Brent and I are expecting our first child in June!  Calvin Barrett Gunnell should be joining our family sometime around Father's Day - my due date is Friday, June 13th.  I just hit the 34 week mark on today, so only about 6 more weeks until we get to  meet our little boy!  We are so excited - and slightly overwhelmed!  There is so much we still need to get done to prepare for his makes my head spin sometimes, or maybe that's just a symptom caused by all these extra pregnancy hormones?  So many random things are explained away by hormones...stuffy nose, carpal tunnel, forgetfulness, the list goes on.  It's all worth it in the end though, right? :)  Here's a few of the pictures that I have so far (I didn't take very many at the beginning since I was so sick...nobody wants to see how pathetic I looked anyways, I promise...).

We announced our pregnancy to my extended family (and then Facebook) with delicious cupcakes!  Who doesn't get excited about cupcakes AND babies?! :)

We've had the name "Calvin" picked out for a long time, so when we went in for our gender ultrasound we brought Hobbes with us, just in case!  Good thing we did, he certainly was happy to help us announce the exciting news! :D
This is my most recent bump picture.  April 11, 2014 - 31 weeks!!

Other than growing a human being, I haven't really been up to much the last 7 months or so.  Brent, on the other hand, has been working super hard in school and at his job!  He's pretty much amazing. :)  He's been at his job since March 1st of last year and he's worked his way up a little on the totem pole.  He is now the night shift supervisor/team captain.  He still does valet, but now  he mostly is the cashier and directs things on the drive at the hotel.  This position came with a little bit of a raise and is full time!  Full time = insurance = we can have a baby! :)  He also just had his annual performance review and pretty much rocked it!  He got a small raise and was told that if he's interested in moving up into management in the next year or so to just let his bosses know!  Way to go, Brent! :)  He works so hard for us and we are so blessed to be able to get by on his income alone!  Heavenly Father has really been taking care of us and helping us to start expanding our little family. :)

I'm almost to the Dr's appointment every week phase of pregnancy, so we do lots of trips up to South Hill for that.  We started our Childbirth Preparation Classes (or as we like to call them, Baby Poppin' Classes) 3 and a half weeks ago.  We meet every Tuesday evening at Valley Medical Center with about 14 other couples.  It's a seven week course with a reunion after all the babies are born - probably sometime in late July or early August.  I know a lot of people say that the classes aren't worth the time or money - the baby is coming out whether you're prepared or not - but, I'm really glad we've been able to work Brent's schedule around this so we can take them together.  It's nice to be able to at least pretend that we'll have any idea what's happening when we head to the hospital, lol.  So, that's where things stand for us right now.  We're just making sure we're registered for all the things we think we need, I'm getting ready for my baby showers next week and we're just working on getting things ready for Calvin's arrival!

Keep giggling!

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