Friday, May 9, 2014

Oh Boy!

Last night was the first of two baby showers that have been planned for Calvin and me!  My wonderful visiting teachers, Amber and Lindzee, planned it and hosted it at Amber's.  It was so sweet of them!  I forgot to take pictures when I got there, but they decorated it so cute!  Everything was yellow, grey and different shades of blue.  There were lots of little sail boats on the banners and signs posted all over.  I'll add pictures later of the decorations they gave me to take home, but until then here's what the invite looked like:

How cute is that?!  The decorations and colors for the party pretty much followed the same theme. :)
There were about a dozen ladies from church who showed up to help celebrate Calvin's upcoming arrival.  We started the evening with a yogurt and donut bar - yumm!  They had these cute little paper bowls with blue or yellow chevron patterns on them that we used to build our own yogurt parfaits.  There was plain and vanilla yogurt that you could top with granola, toasted coconut, sliced almonds, mini chocolate chips, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and black berries.  Yogurt has been one of my "go to" pregnancy snacks - especially vanilla Greek yogurt with fruit and cereal - so I LOVED having a yogurt bar there last night!  There were also little homemade lemon and chocolate donuts that were so good - I think I ate like half a dozen of the lemon ones... :)

After we all chatted and enjoyed the goodies it was time for some games!  For the first game, Amber took me out of the room while Lindzee handed out a questionnaire to everyone asking questions about what I was wearing.  Once everyone was as finished as they could be with that I was allowed back in the room and we went over the answers to see who got the most right.  The winner this round was my wonderful mother in law!  Way to go!
The next game we played was a guessing game of sorts.  There were brown paper bags set up as a banner that read "BABY SHOWER".  Each bag had one of those letters on it and then an object inside that started with that letter and had to do with babies.  We passed all the bags around and made our best guesses as to what was inside each one.  After we were all done writing down our guesses, Lindzee opened the bags so we could all check if we were right.  Briana and I ended up in a tie, but she guessed the most difficult of all (O for Oral jel) so she won the tie-breaker.  That was a pretty fun game and I'll definitely keep it in mind for any baby showers that I might host in the future!
We also played the game where everyone gets a pacifier necklace and if you get caught saying the word "baby" you have to give up your necklace to the person who catches you.  Elizabeth ended up winning that one, I think she ended up with 6 or 7 necklaces!  She was all over that one! :)

After games it was time for me to open gifts while everyone else filled out little slips of paper with their wishes for Calvin!  I got so many wonderful things for little Cal - he is so loved! :)  I'll come back later and post some pictures of the cute things he got!

It was a great evening and I'm so thankful for the wonderful ladies in our ward who took the time to plan or attend the shower last night to show their love for our little boy!

I have another shower tomorrow morning, and I'll try to be better about getting some pictures from this one so I have some pictures to share!

Keep giggling!

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